Our Mission

We believe light is central to the architectural and human experience, but something which is currently little understood and poorly designed. We believe as profession worldwide, we can do better.

Since our very inception we have always led, and intend to continue to do so. Our mission is to change how lighting is designed and supplied through the continued innovation of new lighting techniques, solutions and products. We believe our unique structure of education, design and supply in addition to our culture, and diversity of expertise put us in a unrivalled position to do this.

Our Story

We’re over eighty years in business and have always thought differently.  Willie Duggan (grandfather of the current co-manging directors, Willie and Monica) set the business up in 1935. He got his love of design from working in Kilkenny Design workshops, which brought designers from all over Europe (particularly Scandinavia) together in a collaborative space back in the late 50’s in Kilkenny. His son, also Willie Duggan (of Ireland and Lions rugby fame in additional to his superb business career), took that and turned his father’s lighting company into the largest designer lighting supplier in the country, by the early noughties. Like his father he thought different. Along with his wife Ellen they were the first to introduce lighting design, bespoke lighting and import designer brands from Europe. At that time lighting in Ireland was almost exclusively sourced in the UK. Willie travelled Europe to bring back designer Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Austrian Lighting. Something others copied over time.

Current joint managing directors Monica and Willie Duggan after growing up in the business, left to work through Ireland and overseas before moving back here in 2009 and 2010 to get involved for their second stint in the company. In the downturn we turned much of our focus on commercial office fitout, while Introducing a UK office and online shop.

Our Values

WE’VE NO RESPECT FOR CONVENTION We think differently and always have. We run a culture of growth and strive to continuously improve how we do things. We lead and others follow.

SUBSTANCE AND DEPTH – We are over 80 years in business and our values run deep. They have been handed down to us from our fathers and forefathers. Old school principles of excellence, valuing people and taking care are important to us.

HONESTY – We’re straight talkers and transparent. If we feel your project is not a good fit for us or if we there’s a better way of to achieve a great design, we’ll say so. We’re only interested in creating a great lighting experience for our customers. Our business has always been built on repeat business through trust this creates.

WE ENJOY OURSELVES – We’re good fun to work with, we love what we do and who we work with. We value relationships, great work is built on great relationships.

Our Team