Candelabro Pendant

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Imagine a suspension light that embodies many of LZF’s greatest hits. Designed by Mariví Calvo, Candelabro describes a remarkably representational form that unites the finest collection of wood veneer pendants. En masse, these handsome pendants present a spectacular light show.

The performers include such luminaries as Agatha and Mikado, Raindrop and Totem. Hovering amid the lights are a number of golden birds, each one enjoying a magical world of wonder. Together, these birds and the various pendants stage a thrilling opus in light, a majestic piece that will give the viewer pleasure every time.


Mariví Calvo


Height: 300cm

Width: 236cm

Length: 224cm


GU10 4 x LED DIM 7 W

LED Linear Module 28 x 5,5 W (integrated)

E27 3 x LED DIM Globe 10,5 W
E27 2 x LED DIM Mini Globe 7 W
E27 1 x LED DIM Globe 10,5 W
E27 1 x LED DIM Globe 10,5 W
E27 1 x LED DIM Globe 10,5 W
G9 4 x LED DIM 3 W
G9 2 x LED DIM 3 W