Our History

WILLIE DUGGAN is an Irish, family owned lighting supply and design company with over 80 years of experience both nationally and internationally.

The business was originally an electrical contractors started by William Duggan. His son, also Willie, took over the company and, while playing international rugby, managed to change its direction from contractors to suppliers in the early 1990’s. Together with his wife Ellen, they grew the business into one of the countries largest lighting suppliers.

Today, in it’s third generation, the company is run by their children Willie and Monica Duggan and is in yet another new phase of its existence. Still one of the countries largest lighting suppliers, Willie Duggan is now also recognised as one of Ireland’s finest lighting designers for both commercial and residential projects.


WILLIE DUGGAN has a design and support team dedicated to supplying our clients with outstanding solutions and service creating incredible products. We value creativity, innovation and collaboration in our design work and our team build enduring partnerships with our clients, both commercial and residential.


WILLIE DUGGAN has been 100% owned by the Duggan family since 1935. In that time the business has developed from electrical contracting to Ireland’s premier supplier of premium lighting products and a leader in lighting design and innovation. Willie Duggan are credited with being the first Irish lighting company to directly source and supply the very best European lighting brands into Ireland, a trend which continues today with exclusive market leading supplier partnerships.


WILLIE DUGGAN are committed to sustainability and improving the environment for future generations. We have become the first Irish lighting design and supply business to be awarded LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). In each of our design and specification projects we work to attain the highest environmental and LEED standards, making financial saving for our client’s in the long term while investing in our future.