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Why use a lighting designer for your residential project?

Lighting is hugely important, and ironically it is quite often overlooked, but it is one of the most powerful tools you have to create a welcoming, warm and functional atmosphere in your home. Lighting your house is something most people will only do once in a lifetime, and for this reason, you really need to give careful consideration to how you will use your space before committing to a plan.

Designing a lighting scheme and choosing fittings can be both a confusing and daunting task. Our design team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your project, simplifying the process for you.


The perfect house is both a functional space and a place to unwind. So during the day, you can perform tasks like cooking and cleaning and zoom meetings, then enjoy an intimate dinner in the evening, before putting your feet up at night. Good lighting design will make the unique demands of your home work seamlessly together.


It's a little-known secret that light is essential for health and well-being. It helps regulate bodily functions and plays an important role in the nervous and endocrine systems and the secretion of hormones such as melatonin. A good lighting plan will maximize your exposure to good quality light.

Cost Control

Most houses are over-lit due to a lack of knowledge about lighting and lighting products. Employing a lighting designer allows for a more considered design while also keeping your budget in check. Lighting will only be used where it is needed and your project will be future-proofed for the changing needs of your home.

Expert Help Lighting Consultation

Need help with your renovation or designing your perfect home? Choosing your lights can be both a confusing and daunting task; talk to us and our design team can help you make sense of your project. View our packages below and contact us to book yours!

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    The Consult

    Love lighting but not sure how to make the most of it in your home? Have a potential project in mind, and need some guidance? An existing room you want to add some love and light to? With our one-hour consult, we take you through all the possibilities for your home or room. Learn what can be done to add atmosphere, functionality, or both and come away with some real-world changes that can revamp a space completely.

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    The Plans

    Starting a new home, a renovation project, or an extension? Thought about how lighting impacts your space? With The Plans, we will create a functional home that’s packed with atmosphere! You will leave with all the tools that ensure your design will be fulfilled by your electrician and builder, with CAD layouts that include lighting positions, switching coordination, and detailed build drawings. A fittings booklet with full performance specs will also be supplied.

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    The Works

    Building a home but have too much on your plate and want to achieve the best possible results from your lighting? With The Works package, we will take all that stress away. Firstly, we will work with you to create a unique vision for your home that includes mood, atmosphere, and functional workspaces. From there, we will work with your builder and electrician to implement this vision.

One of the best decisions we made in our new build project was to reach out to Willie Duggans at a very early stage. The consultation provided by Monica and the team was invaluable and provided a roadmap that we could incorporate into the build process. Duggan’s expertise and passion gave us huge confidence and the results speak for themselves.

Shane Power Kilkenny

‘While completing a major renovation back in 2016 I visited many lighting shops without satisfaction. An architect friend tipped me off that I should visit Willie Duggan. I bought all my light fittings there in one day. In 2021 I was renovating again; this time I went directly and found all of my fittings again. What more can I say!’

Dara Kernan Dublin

'I had a consultation with Monica Duggan and am so glad I did. If I were to do another renovation I would definitely involve Monica from the beginning of the project. The lights she recommended were neater and better than the ones we originally had and we actually ended up using less lights.'

Helen O'Flynn Dublin

'Very happy with the service provided, all members of the team were very helpful from the top-down, management, design, and stores. Would definitely recommend them to others who are unsure of ways to light specific areas without flooding the area with fittings.'

Roy Gee Laois

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