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“Ali Baba collection”

Ali Baba Wood is a floor lamp that gives warmth and cosiness to the environment. It is proposed as a reinterpretation of the Ali Baba Steel lamp, but with a wooden stem, with a warmer taste and especially suitable for indoor settings. The classic lampshade made of polyethylene is flanked by a beech stem and an electric cable made of burgundy fabric, to give the product greater elegance and attention to detail.

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Globo Wood is the warm and welcoming floor lamp with essential shapes. The wooden stem makes it ideal for residential and contract indoor settings, the lampshade is made with our best-seller Globo, which diffuses a homogeneous light. To give even more elegance and attention to detail, Globo Wood has an electric cable made of burgundy fabric.

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Bright Color

Light White


Ø 43 h 145 cm, Ø 43 h 170 cm


Beech wood stem h.120 cm, Beech wood stem h.120 cm


Indoor floor lamp h. 145cm, Indoor floor lamp h. 170cm