IVY I Cluster Pendant

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IVY is a geometric lighting item made up of a ring suspended on a cable that powers a made-to-measure LED module. IVY is named by the clustering of lamps on several cables that resemble climbing branches. The cables, like plant ivy, intertwine and overlap, reacting to the environment and framing certain elements of the room. The composition emphasizes a variety of focal points from various or shifting points of view as people pass through the room. The cables become a graphic indication that defines the space, making IVY a true space architecture project.

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Matte Black, Matte Champagne, Terra


Ø14.5cm, Max cable H400cm


LED 2700K, 3 W, 450lm, 350 mA, CRI 90

LED 3000K, 3 W, 480lm, 350 mA, CRI 90

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