Volum Pendant

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The Volum collection is the re-interpretation of a lighting archetype from the point of view of an international design and architecture studio. It is a product that offers the same level of functionality and aesthetics from every point in the space and, at the same time, celebrates the art of glassmaking. Designed to fill a space with a 360-degree illumination, Volum glows uniformly in all directions providing a calming and coherent radiance.

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Polished White


ø 14CM, ø 22CM, ø 29CM, ø 42CM




E14 15, WW ⁄ L max 8 cm, W ⁄ L max 3.14”

E27 A60 LED, 1 × 25 W, Ø max 9.8 cm, Ø max 3.74”

E27 A60 LED 1 × 25 W, Ø max 6 cm, Ø max 2.36”

E27 LED1 × 25 W, Ø max 9.8 cm, Ø max 3.74”



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IP 20