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  • 48V Track…and you thought track was boring!
  • January 10, 2023
  • Helena Duggan

Traditional tracks are 230V, so what is the difference between them and 48V track systems like the one we discuss in our video above from Aria?

The key benefit of Aria’s new 48V track system is that we now have the ability to install downlights, indirect lighting, linear lighting, pendants, and spotlights onto the one system making it extremely versatile. In addition, the miniature size and neatness of the fitting inserts make the system much more streamlined and stylish when track lighting was traditionally considered cumbersome! A point to consider when it comes to high bay or high output retail applications is that the light outputs can be smaller on 48V compared to 230V, but with outputs up to 2000 lumens, this track will work with most interior applications.

With these increased styling capabilities, you can think of using this track outside of just commercial applications. We’re even using our Aria system in hospitality and open-plan residential lighting design projects to great effect considering table or picture locations may change over time, you can now design for that now without having to rewire.

With Aria’s new 48V track system your design options are endless so put your thinking hats on!


The 48V tracks are smaller than traditional tracks and come in recessed, surface, or suspended options, along with corner and flexible joints to enable a multitude of configurations.



With 48V track the driver ( it controls the voltage) which was traditionally located in the track spot head, now goes at the start of each track, allowing the track spots to become much smaller and neater. This also allows for a myriad of additional inserts to go into these tracks!


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About Helena Duggan

Helena is our Creative Director and a stickler for Gotham medium and Pantone 021 on all things Willie Duggan. In her spare time she's a children's writer. Her first book A Place Called Perfect was published to great success in August 2017.

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