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  • May 12, 2020
  • Willie Duggan

With the current Covid-19 lockdown in place, there has never been a better time to invest in sprucing up our outdoor spaces. It’s important to create little havens for ourselves to relax and unwind in. Our garden has become this sanctuary, space where we can escape the confinements of home throughout this uncertain period. Lighting will instantly add a layer cosiness to this space.

But where to even start? Below are a few simple ideas on how to add some lighting to your garden. Use lighting selectively, and remember darkness can be used to create drama and effect (while also helping to hide those less attractive areas). Decide where you want to light, what areas are your key areas, and focus on these.

Set the mood

Festoon lights (also known as café lights or string lights) are those traditional, exposed bulb garland lights you see hanging at fairgrounds in American movies from the 1950s. Outdoor festoon lighting has definitely become more popular here recently and with good reason. They are instantly uplifting and offer plenty of feelgood factor. This may, however, be due to the nostalgic memories they conjure of days gone by where festivals were still a thing…the good ole days, I like to call them!

Festoon lighting is great for areas where you need functional lighting but also want to create an atmosphere. It is a wonderfully simple way to illuminate your outdoor spaces by simply hanging some between trees, draping them from a pergola, or even along a fence.

To create a warm inviting atmosphere, aim for bulbs that have a colour temperature of 2200k-2700k. For a more festive look, you could go for brightly coloured lights.

Always look for Festoon lighting with an IP rating of IP54. Our Irish climate is not forgiving and this will ensure your lighting will be able to endure.

Make it magical.

We’re spoiled for choice for outdoor garden furniture these days, but you can add another level by using illuminated furniture! Illuminated furniture can help create a fun yet ambient atmosphere in your outdoor spaces.

Flexible features like outdoor lamps, are a great addition too! These allow you to change up your space with minimal effort just like the Globo lamps below.

All of our products are not online so give us a call if there’s a particular project you have in mind and our design team will talk you through it.

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About Willie Duggan

Willie grew up in the family business, stacking boxes, wiring fittings and making deliveries. He went on to study engineering and then lighting design. After working as a lighting designer in London he returned to lead our design team. You can also find Willie chasing a ball round the rugby pitch, at a gig or threading the boards on stage.

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