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  • March 14, 2023
  • Willie Duggan

Cluster systems have become very popular in recent times and it’s no wonder – their flexibility and adaptability mean you can create the ideal shape and size of light fitting to suit your space.

The Prolicht gravity lift system brings another dimension to the cluster pendant. The system can be configured into any shape on the ceiling and once in place, each pendant is then individually adjustable.

Prolichts have primarily paired this system with the Snooker, a simple and stylish spot pendant that comes in 29 different colours though they do have a range of other pendants that can also be used with this system. Prolicht has also partnered with Tom Dixon enabling many of their fittings to also be used with the gravity lift system. 

This system is ideal for double-height or atrium spaces offering the ability to create a kinetic “art piece” of any shape or size, it is also perfect for hospitality where seating is moved quite often, or for over a boardroom table or island unit.

If you’d like to go through the Prolicht gravity lift system or the Snooker in detail please give us a call.

The Snooker

Check out the Snooker, a simple and stylish spot pendant that comes in 29 different colours and is the perfect partner to the Prolicht gravity lift system. 


Check out this video on Prolicht’s YouTube channel showing the versatility of the Snooker and the gravity lift system.

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