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  • September 26, 2023
  • Helena Duggan

Total adaptability

For a lighting designer, indirect lighting is the most beautiful way to light, as it’s all about reflected lighting, reducing glare, highlighting surfaces and creating a beautiful ambience. Track systems particularly 48V track systems are becoming more and more popular for residential and commercial designs, as they give the ability to change the lighting locations, and effects without any rewiring.  

The 35 system from Ivela Lighting, now combines both of these lighting techniques in one, allowing indirect lighting on all three sides to be controlled separately, while also incorporating track spots, linear 48V track inserts and pendants. By using different colour temperature LED tapes, RGB colour change, or pixel control, the indirect lighting effects are infinite, enabling beautiful ambient or accent lighting, while also allowing task, decorative or accent lighting from track spots, or pendants on the 48V track. The 35 system delivers total adaptability, and all four lighting layers from the one light source.

The 35 System

35 Track combines the innovative design of the 35 with the extensive performances of low-voltage tracks.


System Attachments

The 35 system is versatile – check out the various system attachments that can slot seamlessly into your track.


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About Helena Duggan

Helena is our Creative Director and a stickler for Gotham medium and Pantone 021 on all things Willie Duggan. In her spare time she's a children's writer. Her first book A Place Called Perfect was published to great success in August 2017.

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