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  • May 30, 2023
  • Willie Duggan

The Prolicht Hypro is a configurable linear 230V system that allows a range of inserts from downlights, spot lighting, linear inserts, wall washing inserts, indirect lighting, and pendants all on one system. It is entirely configurable to customizable lengths, comes recessed, surface, or suspended, and can create a myriad of shapes using X, T, or L connectors.

These systems allow for new possibilities in lighting design and a new way of lighting spaces. Instead of having your lighting static, it is now possible to incorporate it all in one neat profile system, with different elements of the system switched on/off or dimmed depending on the desired scene. Also, should there be changes required in the future it is easy to reconfigure the fitting without chasing walls or ceilings.

Applications include offices (human-centric tunable white also available), residential, hospitality, museum, and retail. Now get your thinking cap on!


Check out the Hypro family and all its options including the pendant heads that fit neatly into this versatile system.

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