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  • July 30, 2021
  • Monica Duggan

Meeting our Manufacturers

One of the best things about my job is meeting our manufacturers but over the last year or so that has become impossible. However, I couldn’t let another year go without meeting them, even if it is virtually.

Daniel and Andrea from LND took the time to chat with me about LND or Landa, explaining their amazing history, showing their products, and do a tour of their factory….my favourite part!

Their history is absolutely fascinating, starting the company back in 1923, they now have four companies under the umbrella of the Bugatti Group. Our interview was done the day after Italy won the European Soccer championships so I just had to congratulate them 😉

Watch here

LND is a exterior lighting company, and to get good quality in exterior is very difficult. With that said, LND has such amazing quality and this video will help to explain this. Here we run through a number of products. Show the options that we have with them, as well as get to know their ‘Unexpected’ range!

Watch here

There is nothing better than being able to see around the factory doors! This is the best way to truly understand the quality of a brand, and the ethos that they live by. Follow us along as we have a good nosy around LND factory, see their testing, their design department as well as a sneak peek at a new product!

Watch here

See link to some of their products on our website, Willie Duggan LND range

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About Monica Duggan

Monica grew up with a screwdriver & bulb in her hands before she started to 'hassle' the boss! After gallivanting around the world & getting an education she worked in all areas of the business, and was a natural fit for developing Willie Duggan further. She does her best thinking struggling up a mountain, hiking a trail or beating herself up in the gym!

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