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  • September 22, 2020
  • Monica Duggan

Since Dermot Bannon landed on our TV screens, window suppliers have been inundated with requests for large expansive glazing ‘bringing the outside in’. And why not, what’s better than relaxing in a house filled with natural light?

This design feature doesn’t come without its problems though. ‘How do I minimize reflections?’ is a question Willie has been asked many times on our weekly Wednesday Q+A.

So let’s look at that question here…

The first reason you may have a problem with reflections is because of the glare in your light fittings. Something like a crystal chandelier will cause quite a bit of glare while a material shade or wood veneer such as this LZF swirl pendant emits a much more diffuse light. Low glare downlights where the light source is hidden also need to be considered in large glass areas.

The second reason glare can be a problem is because of the balance of light between inside and outside. A way to soften this balance is to subtly light your garden. Highlighting your trees, a textured stone wall, or your flower beds draws attention through the window to the outside. The focus is now passed the reflections, effectively tricking the eye to look further afield.

If you need help with your own glaring problems (see what I did there 😉 give us a shout, and we can talk you through the issues!

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