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  • May 26, 2020
  • Willie Duggan

Our home is the hub of our existence, now more so than ever; it must be more than just where we eat and sleep. It has become an office, school, entertainment centre and a home gym to name but a few. As most of us find ourselves working from our kitchen tables or a spare bedroom converted to temporary office space, we are now observing our homes from a whole new perspective.

Kitchen Focus

Our kitchens are the best example of how one space has multiple uses and where a balance needs to be struck between task and ambient lighting to ensure the space works. Task lighting is essential for cleaning, cooking, and school, or office work. Then ambient lighting becomes key to transitioning the use of space to dining and socialising.

Here are a few points to note when ensuring your kitchen works for you;

Task Lighting

  • LED tape fitted to the underside of our kitchen cupboards ensures we have task lighting covered for cooking and cleaning.
  • Spotlights are often over-specified; be smart with positioning to ensure you avoid falling into this trap.
  • A pendant light over the dining room table can act as both ambient and task lighting. A low hung fitting can create a concentrated light source ideal for your new temporary working space

Ambient Lighting

  • Floor lamps are perfect for creating ambiance. Play with the materials in your shade choice and the colour temperature of your bulbs to create the atmosphere and warmth you want.
  • Scene setting is a must when creating atmosphere and this needs to be considered at the beginning of any home renovation or build. Discussing switching with your electrician is one of the most important things you’ll do. A great scene for ambient socialising is to have light on your dining room table and a background floor lamp, but your fittings will need to be switched separately to create this.
  • How to know what colour temperature to use can be an intimidating decision especially with so much information surrounding LEDs online. We advise working between 2700k-3000k to create a good balance between warmth and user-friendliness.

Your Project

We hope the tips above give you a little help in how to approach your kitchen project. If you would like to know more we are currently giving online consultations so drop us a line and we’ll arrange one for you.

If you’re about to undertake a bigger project such as a home renovation or new build and would like advice then make contact early; trust us when we say it is never too early to discuss your plans. Many people leave lighting on the long finger as it can be daunting even knowing where to start but you will more than likely only light your home once so give it time and thought. We aim to simplify the process for you and create a home that is truly your haven.

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About Willie Duggan

Willie grew up in the family business, stacking boxes, wiring fittings and making deliveries. He went on to study engineering and then lighting design. After working as a lighting designer in London he returned to lead our design team. You can also find Willie chasing a ball round the rugby pitch, at a gig or threading the boards on stage.

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