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  • UGR….What?!
  • April 29, 2021
  • Monica Duggan

UGR is also known as unfied glare rating, this is where we get very little glare from a light fitting. When it comes to downlighting, we really want to get this glare to a minimum but this can be very difficult. This is where good lighting design can really help….as well as great products!

Prolicht, our lighting partners have a beautiful range of fittings in their collection that do just that. The Magiq. Designed in house, using very deep miniature reflectors was the ultimate key to creating this process of guaranteeing maximum uniformity of the Magiq with a high cut-off of 21°. This results in a very low UGR, where you only notice the light in the architectural space but not the light fittings. Such a key component is great lighting design.

The SUPER SPOT, with a beam angle of 10°, offers accurate and precise lighting over longer distances – for example for high ceilings. On special requests, they can use their Bartenback LFO lenses which is a special patented technology to give glare free downlighting.

This fittings comes in so many applications from downlighting, to track mounted, to wall washing as well as the usually 28 different colour options you can choose from in the Prolicht range. It truly is a piece of Magiq!

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