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  • February 20, 2023
  • Monica Duggan

This week we’re showing you the Nest from LND Lighting. This is an exterior fitting, hand-crafted from willow in Italy, it is designed to mimic an actual nest and fit seamlessly into the trees. The Nest has a wide beam angle giving a good light spread. and is excellent for highlighting a tree canopy without being invasive.

Willow is a great material as there is very little to no light leak underneath the Nest, ensuring that all the emphasis is on the upper levels of the area you wish to light. For those worried about a bird nesting in the ready-made bed, or debris falling into it, don’t – there is a cage that has been developed to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The Nest comes in two sizes, 17 cm, and 23.5 cm, with 650-lumen output with an IP65 rating and would be excellent for exterior hospitality projects, exterior landscaping, or even interior landscaping, bringing another angle to the trend towards greener working environments. 

The Nest

Check out the Nest, and all the other products in the Unexpected range. LND has taken inspiration from nature to bring synergy to the lighting products we use in our exterior world!

The [d]arc Awards

We have been nominated for the Darc awards this year. It is a design industry vote, so if you could help us to start off 2023 in the best possible way, we would really appreciate it!

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