Basalt Triple Pendant in Brass

830.25 inc. VAT

The Basalt Triple Pendant evokes the magnificence of nature by combining three irregular hexagonal Brass pendants with three transparent mouth-blown borosilicate glass bulbs, resulting in a genuinely one-of-a-kind ceiling light fixture. Basalt is defined by its exposed lost-wax cast finish, which is designed to resemble the natural processes that inspired it, with polished metal details to give a strong aesthetic counterpoint. Basalt, which includes dimmable LED technology, elegantly blends the modern and the ancient to create a stunning moment in time in any room.

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Bulb- W59mm, L219mm
Fixture- W52mm, L75mm
Small Canopy- W250mm, L20mm
Cable length- 4000mm


Brass pendants, Frosted bulbs, Black canopy


E27 Lamp holder, 5W 250 lumen per bulb, 2100K, 220V-240V

IP Rating

Canopy- IP20
Bulbs- IP54