Mega Puzzle

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This light is a configuration of individual pieces. Please contact us if you wish to discuss the options.

With the Puzzle Mega lamps the light takes shape characterizing the spaces. Large geometric shapes with essential shapes almost merge with the internal architecture when they are turned off, to reveal unexpected pictorial harmonies of lights and shadows once lit. Three shapes available in different sizes and in two finishes can be installed alone to create a sophisticated light, or combined together up to 36 lamps to create unique and surprising compositions.


Round Small

Diameter: 53cm
Width: 13.6cm


Diameter: 80cm
Width: 13.6cm

Square Small

Length: 25.98cm
Height: 25.98cm
Width: 11.8cm


Length: 80cm
Height: 80cm
Width: 13.6cm


Length: 40cm
Height: 80cm
Width: 13.6cm


LED 2700K 3 x 17W | 5100 lm 210-250V MacAdam 3-Step CRI 92
LED 3000K 3 x 17W | 5400 lm 210-250V MacAdam 3-Step CRI 92


Frame: Matte White
Diffuser: Porcelain Stoneware or Matte White

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Round Small, Round Large, Square Small, Square Large


LED 2700K 3 x 17W, 5100 lm 210-250V MacAdam 3-Step CRI 92

LED 3000K 3 x 17W, 5400 lm 210-250V MacAdam 3-Step CRI 92

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