Puzzle Outdoor

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Born to create exciting and unique visual experiences for every type of architecture. From the facade to the terrace, they are designed to enhance the quality of the space, making even the outdoor areas pleasant and comfortable at all times of the day.


Single Square

Height: 18cm
Length: 18cm
Width: 8cm

Double Square

Height: 18cm x2
Length: 18cm x2
Width: 9cm

Square & Rectangle

Height: 18cm/36cm
Length: 18cm/48cm
Width: 9cm

Double Rectangle

Height: 36cm x2
Length: 30cm x2
Width: 9cm

Single Round

Diameter: 19cm
Width: 7.9cm

Double Round

Diameter:19cm x2
Width: 11.8cm


3000K 1 x 17W | 1700 lm 220-240V MacAdam 3-Step CRI 92


Matte White