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1. The plain shape and the replicated worn out condition combined with its glossy surfaces
are what give this applique its added value, making it perfect for illuminating paintings and
vintage mirrors.
2. Ideal for country and vintage style environments. Essential and raw design, devised to
diffuse a bright and soothing light.
3. Discreet and elegant preserves the essentiality of its purpose and provides a soothing
effect through the delicate balance of its shapes. Small details for a great effect with an
antique flavour.
4. Recessed spotlight characterized by glossy and worn-out colours. The discrete forms
enhance the traditionally designed spotlights.
5. Beyond the classic recessed spot light with a hide-away light bulb, it heightens the lighting
points helped by the spherical bulb and the ceramic that comes in ten different vintage
6. Applique with an underground feel to illuminate corridors, transit areas and common
rooms in an original way while playing with an indoor/outdoor effect.
7. Linear and sharp forms provide character to this brilliant-coloured wall light. It’s the
simplicity itself which provides character to the product.

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VIA finish – Vintage light blue, VIB finish – Vintage white, VIC finish – Vintage powder, VIG finish – Vintage yellow, VIN finish – Vintage black, VIO finish – Vintage orange, VIR finish – Vintage red, VIV finish – Vintage green


Bulb 1 x Max 53W E27


H 21cm, 28cm Depth, ∅ 20cm